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Our Services-Overseas Study Abroad Agents, Visa Consultants in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon


APSA Offers a Platter of Services which Provide the Students a Trustworthy

support in their search for a better career. Have a look at our service platter:

  • Career Counselling
    Our counselors help you choose the best career path.
  • Course and University Selection
    We acquaint you with the different courses and the Universities which excel in those courses.
  • Information on College and Tests
    We provide all the necessary information about the different courses, colleges and test dates.
  • Scholarship
    Certain Universities provide scholarships, we provide full information about it.
  • Admission
    We ease up the admission process for our students.
  • Accomodation Aid
    We provide the aspirants a home away from home in the foreign land.
  • VISA Consultants
    We assist in VISA formalities.Abroad Study Visa Consultants
  • Travel aid
    We take care of the flight bookings, departure and arrival.
  • Pre departure and post arrival briefing
    We organise a counselling session for such briefings.
  • Loan
    We have collaborations with banks to provide education loan.

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