Overseas education consultants in Dehradun

Overseas education consultants in Dehradun

Out of all the ways to learn, overseas education is the most popular and trending. Studying abroad offers students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have such priceless experiences that allows them to develop their professional identities and their bilingual abilities.

Overseas education consultants in dehradun
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Overseas education consultants in Dehradun

Out of all the ways to learn, overseas education is the most popular and trending.

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Study Destinations


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About Us

Oyster Worldwide Education is an expert Overseas Education Consultants in Dehradun serving students to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad.
The needs of the students are our top priority at Oyster Worldwide Education, and we assist them in selecting the best career path for pursuing their higher education. For all needs relating to overseas education, including IELTS coaching, counselling, admissions, visa processing, and other value-added services, we are a one-stop service.
Since a student’s career is largely influenced by their education, we take every possible measure to help you make the best choice. Our knowledgeable mentors are the best at clearing up all of our students’ questions because they are aware of their dilemma as Indian students.

Overseas Education Consultants in dehradun

Study Destinations

We provide Overseas education with a plethora of study destination options all across the globe. The UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, you name it and we have our students placed there.



The English proficiency test, or IELTS (International English Language Testing System), measures how proficient you are in the language. IELTS is a crucial criterion in many English-speaking nations for granting entry and residency permits to any foreign student. We give our students the best course materials and mentoring to help them get ready for all four IELTS modules. We ensure that every student achieves their desired band and excels in their educational part by offering one-on-one guidance.


Our top-notch counsellors are the finest in the arena and have a plethora of international experience. We view each student as our responsibility, and we consistently meet standards. We are dedicated to helping you locate the courses and universities that best suit your objectives and interests.
Selecting where and what to study can be a difficult task with so many courses and universities to pick from. Our staff of experts is here to assist you during the entire process.

Visa Process

The sole foundation of our organisation is the Trust and Respect we have gained from our pupils over the course of our development. We provide access to our students from the beginning of the visa process until it is completed by making the process as transparent as possible at each stage. We also assist them with scheduling appointments for the visa and getting all of the paperwork ready for submission.

Interview Preparation

The Visa officer is there to determine whether you might be suggested for a visa for the reason you stated in your visa application. We help our students in getting over their fear and anxiety of going on this conversation-based interview. We make sure that by the time of the interview day, our student will be confident to communicate his ideas in a reasonable manner by regularly conducting mock interviews.


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FAQs Content

FAQs Content

Why Choose Overseas education consultants?


Select the university that aligns most closely with your requirements from a pool of over 700 global options.


Comprising a team of exceptionally skilled professionals, we offer unparalleled visa services to cater to your needs.


Attain impressive scores in IELTS/TOEFL with the assistance of our expertly trained staff.


Get authentic and tailored guidance to help you make informed decisions regarding your career path.


Overseas education consultants boast an almost flawless visa track record, thanks to our exceptionally qualified visa team.


Delivering cost-effective and premier services, we offer top-notch IELTS coaching and study abroad assistance to our students.